Welcome to Zumaloft website, here you can find all the info you need about our apartments located near the zone of Montezuma, Puntarenas, Costa Rica. But  not only that, we continuously work on the site to bring you details about the tourist attractions, events and places to visit in the Peninsula of Nicoya.  So stay tuned and enjoy!

Santa Teresa in Costa Rica, among the most recommended beaches...

Not long ago, the famous Trip Advisor website published a list of the 10 most recommended beaches by visitors and tourists who visited Central America. Eight of those ten beaches are Costa Rica, proving once again that this country stands for the beauty of its natural resources.

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Traveling by ferry

Surely, one of the most pleasant experiences for who are  traveling to Montezuma, Costa Rica, is traveling across the sea in ferry. The ferry is not only a transport mean, but it have all the amenities to make the one hour and half trip between Puntarenas and Paquera a really nice experience.

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Nature Reserve Cabo Blanco

The Nature Reserve of Cabo Blanco is a protected area located at the south west of Nicoya peninsula. It was created on october 21th of 1963 in order to protect the dry forest tipical of this region, which is home for many species of flora and fauna. The protected area also extends to the sea, giving protection to many seabird, fish, crustaceans and sharks. Aside, the flora extends more than 119 different species of trees.

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